Why Millennials Expect Tele-Working Options

Millennials are largely toted as the unicorn generation, meaning we expect everything to be handed to us because we’re ‘special’. As a proud Millennial, I can tell you that just isn’t true. Sure, we certainly expect things to be given to us, but we will absolutely work for it – perhaps just in a different way that most are used to. Millennials, born between 1981 and 1999 are digital natives, we crave technology in hardware and software forms; think: smart phones, tablets, Snapchat, and Instagram. We’ve been raised on reality television and social media, and thrive on the instantaneous nature of the internet.

Rewind to 10, 20, even 50 years ago. Production was largely human-centered and physical offices were needed to be able to conduct proper manufacturing. Most, if not all, of the positions on an assembly line were people doing some sort of job. Now fast-forward to today where technology is the primary form of production; we definitely need humans somewhere along the line, but for the most part we rely on technology. In society, we have seen that same shift in how people work. It used to be that you worked 9am – 5pm from the office, you didn’t take work home, and you had weekends to yourself. Nowadays, we know that the standard work week isn’t necessarily conducive to the best work. I, as an example, do my best work between 10am – Noon and 9pm and Midnight. I’m not entirely sure why, but between those hours I am most creative and certainly most productive – I truly enjoy being able to open my laptop in the evening and catch up on a few things, or even get ahead before a big meeting.

This leads us to one of the 3 reasons that Millennial’s expect teleworking options

1. Work becomes customizable
Every person is different, we know this both personally and professionally (I mean, come on, if we were all the same society would be totally boring!). With those unique traits, comes different styles of working and different internal schedules. A one-size-fits-all approach would be detrimental to productivity, increase stress, and decrease creativity. Allowing flexibility with hours, and even work environments – such as allowing your employees to work from a coffee shop, or even from home, will allow you to keep your employees happy while still conducting good business. Sometimes that extra flexibility in location can take away the stress of traffic even if only for a day!

2. We are much more productive
Hands down. Long commutes and families take up time, and most people don’t want work to get in the way of that. I mean, if your daughter has soccer at 6pm the last thing you want to worry about is rushing home from work at 5pm in traffic. The ability to work from home would be unparalleled in this instance. It’s such a simple request that can help a person tremendously, which then initiates positive ripple effects to other parts of your business.

3. Self-confidence increases
Being micromanaged by anyone is a horrible feeling. Everyone wants to be trusted, and having someone look over your shoulder constantly is so disheartening (let alone incredibly nerve-wracking!). Millennial’s, as the sensitive people we are, tend to get even more offended when a manager or supervisor lacks confidence in our abilities and wants to watch over our every move. The fact that we get to work from home means that you trust we are going to work and still dish out a serious dish of productivity!

Overall, the landscape of work and the process in how we do it is shifting drastically. Technology and software have had a huge impact on that as we can now Skype our teammates and have video conference calling from wherever we are. The change has been mostly positive with the Millennial generation as we can adjust our goals, our hobbies, and our personal lives and commitments while still ensuring that we get our work done to the best of our ability. So, next time you want to chastise your employee for being 5 minutes later, consider suggested teleworking as a viable option, and you most certainly will see the benefits to both your employee and your company.

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