The Dirty Dozen; 12 ways to kill a sale and how to avoid them – Part 3

Continuation of The Dirty Dozen; 12 ways to kill a sale and how to avoid them – Part 2

Tip 9: Stop the hate 2.0

Ask yourself: is your audience the right one for your product/service? If you can’t think of anything positive to say about your customers, you may need to re-evaluate your target audience criteria. There may be a group that is a better fit for you and your business. Remember, positive customer relationships from the beginning of the sales process will help your company in the long run!

Tip 10: Tunnel vision

As mentioned in tip 3; you should always have a plan before entering into a sales discussion, but sometimes you need to stray away from your plan and go where the conversation takes you. It is important that you look at each sales conversation strategically; don’t become so stuck to your plan that you ignore the customers’ needs. Find the balance between planning and spontaneity.  Knowing when to break the process in order to address the needs of the prospect and ultimately boost the sale is a quality that is important. Often we like to swing one way or the other but being able to ‘switch-hit’, if you will, will make you a stronger salesperson in the end.

Tip 11: You are not alone!

Sales is a fast-paced and stressful career path; every success and every failure is a learning opportunity. Introspection is key; self-analyze to determine where your strengths are and what areas you need to focus your professional development on. Talk to anyone and everyone about tips and tricks for success. Subscribe to blogs and read books relating to different sales strategies. There is an abundance of resources out there to help you!

Tip 12: Never attempting to close

To close of this series, here we have the final tip. It’s as simple as this; you can’t close the deal, if you never try to. Building a foundation will help you to close, but you always need to try to close.


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